The Toy Story 4 theory about the true identity of Andy's mum is blowing minds

Theory attracted over 100,000 Facebook Likes in a day

Facebook was rocked by a widely-circulated theory that threatens to change our thinking forever today. Did it concern cancer? The mysteries of dark matter? Breaking Bad again? No, the true identity of Andy's Mom in the Toy Story films.

The idea was put forward by all-round Pixar expert Jon Negroni, building on his wider theory that all Pixar films exist within the same universe.

It has been asserted that Andy's mum is Emily, Jessie the cowgirl's former owner, and the theory goes like this:

1. Andy's hat looks different to Woody's

But why would he not want the very same hat as his favourite toy?

(All pictures: Pixar)

2. Because it is in fact a replica of Jessie's hat

Which we see below has the same white piping around the brim.


3. But Andy's hat doesn't have a circle of white ribbon like Jessie's?

No, but from the picture in Item 1 it looks to have fallen off, probably because it has been around for a few years.

[Emily explainer – She grew up much like Andy, in love with her doll (Jessie), before eventually giving her away and the toy winding up in storage, much to its horror.]

4. In a flashback what appears to be Andy's hat lies on Emily's bed

toy story 5.jpg

This probably took place before Andy was born.

5. When Emily put Jessie in the donation box, the hat wasn't inside.

Maybe she held on to it before passing it onto her child, whom she hoped would love a cowboy/girl doll as dearly as she did.

6. We never see Emily's face

But her hair looks to be very similar to the mum's.

7. We never hear Andy's mum's name

8. Emily would be about the right age in the films' present day to be Andy's mum

9. Both mother and son loved their toy, but forgot about it as they grew older, a similarity that could form the basis of the plot for a Toy Story 4?

Well done Jon Negroni, you must feel how The Claw does right now.

(Picture: Pixar)