The VHS tapes now worth £1,500 – the 25 most valuable to check for at home

Time to dust off those old boxes

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Chances are your VHS player is safely tucked away in the attic, alongside dozens of old video tapes, ranging from The Lion King to Braveheart.

While both those films are not worth very much, there are numerous tapes in existence that are worth well over more than just a few pounds.

Unfortunately, not many of each tape exist - funnily enough, that’s why they’re valuable - so don’t get your hopes up too much. If you do own one, though, it might be time to get the step ladder out.

As you may note, the overwhelming majority of films are in the horror genre and - according to the online antiques website - many were banned quickly after release. It is suggested to look for VHS tapes that never made it to DVD or Blue-ray.

In previous ‘are my VHS tapes actually worth anything?’ news, one courier hinted last year that old video tapes could be the next vinyl: “Many once unloved and discarded original LPs and singles are now worth significant sums," David Jinks said. "Today video tapes are considered just as ephemeral as records once were, and are fast disappearing from our homes."

One VHS collector also noted: “These are movies that feel too cleaned-up on DVD and Blu-ray, as if they were never meant to look that good. You can see the mistakes they made and the bad makeup and everything. Watching them on VHS is closer to the old drive-in or grindhouse theatre, the way the director intended it to look.”