There is going to be a live-action Beyblade movie for some reason

Sure there is.

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Remember Beyblades? Those spinning top things that you clash in a weird arena? Well there's going to be a film about them, and this time not a manga series to promote them but a full-blown live-action feature.

Having successfully turned Hasbro toys Transformers and G.I. Joe into big money franchises, Paramount will next try with the Japanese spinning tops, Deadline reports.

God knows how this is going to work, presumably some CGI will be involved to make the Beyblades dramatic enough, and I really hope Channing Tatum stars as a troubled Beyblader (is that the term?) who overcomes a psychic meltdown to become Beyblade world champion.

The film will be produced by Mary Parent through her Disruption Entertainment banner.

Beyblades have generated $2.5 billion in revenue since their release in 2000. They were licensed to Hasbro in 2001 and have consistently sold well around the world, getting a boost in 2009 with a new range called Metal Fusion, and a third generation of the toy is set to be launched in 2017.