There’s going to be a movie based on Pez dispensers


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If you’re already hyped for the Play-Doh and Beyblades movies, then you’ll be pleased to hear that another inanimate object is getting the big screen treatment - Pez.

The candy company is teaming up with Celeste & Jesse Forever production company Envision Media Arts to make a movie about its products, with Brother in Laws’ Cameron Fay directing.

There are no details yet on the cast or plot, but I sincerely hope Channing Tatum will star as a down on his luck Pez dispenser who rises from the sweet shop bottom shelves to set a new world record for number of Pez dispensed in a single day.

“Pez candy is beloved by children and adults alike. With Cameron Fay we've created a world unique to Pez and a story that will touch the hearts of many,” commented EMA producer Lee Nelson.

Pez was first launched in Austria in 1927, before conquering the world with tie-ins with  everything from Disney to US presidents.

Recently collaborators include Hello Kitty, Star Wars and DC Comics.

There is no word yet on when the Pez movie will be released, or if it will make it to cinemas.