Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi promises the most 'out there' Marvel movie yet

The director has teased the film as the 'most adventurous' of the current MCU slate

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There's been a lot of buzz surrounding Marvel's next release Doctor Strange, particularly in connection with its psychedelic visuals revealing something the MCU has never seen before; with The Hollywood Reporter hyping the film as offering, "something truly new on the big screen". 

However, if you thought Benedict Cumberbatch's magic wielding-sage was the weirdest thing coming to Marvel's cinematic universe, think again; with the studio next handing its reins over to the visionary comedic mind of New Zealand's Taika Waititi, who's nearing a wrap on filming Thor: Ragnarok.

Anyone familiar with Waititi's style - he happens to be behind one of this year's best films, Hunt for the Wilderpeople - will know that the director was certainly an unusual choice for Marvel; leaving many fans questioning as to what direction he'll take Thor and Hulk in what's been pitched as an 'intergalactic buddy road movie". 

Waititi recently took to Reddit for an AMA, hoping to reveal just a little more of his plans for the project, and what fans can expect when the highly-anticipated project finally hits screens. 

The film's plot is still a closely guarded secret, but the director did offer some insight into the film's tone; particularly in connection with the '80s-tastic logo revealed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Turns out, we can expect something of an '80s vibe from the film; with Waititi revealing that the logo's design "is inspired by 70s / 80s sci-fi fantasy art. Because our film feels like that."

Furthermore, Waititi teased that the film is, in his opinion, one of the "most adventurous and most 'out there' of all the Marvel movies. It's a crazy movie." Which says a lot to having to outdo's Ant-Man's climactic toy train battle or Doctor Strange's kaleidoscope cities. Seriously, could anticipation for Thor: Ragnarok get any higher at this point?

Thor: Ragnarok will hit UK cinemas on July 28, 2017.