Video: Scrubs star Zach Braff helps Kickstarter donor propose to his girlfriend

Braff hit his $2 million target for the film after only five days back in April, through fan donations

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A groom-to-be has proposed to his new fiance, with help from - among others - actor and film director Zach Braff.

The plan was hatched when Matt Hulbert donated to the Kickstarter campaign for Braff's upcoming film, Wish I Was Here.

In return, he managed to get the Scrubs star to introduce a video which he would then show his girlfriend, Janice. The video also included video messages from the couple's friends and family, encouraging her to say yes.

Writing beneath the video online, Mr Hulbert said: "I wanted to think of a really cool way to propose to my girlfriend, Janice, and this song and video is what I came up with.

"I wanted to show her that not only do I love her but that she's loved by all our friends and family too. This was particularly important as she hasn't been able to see much of her family for 7 years since she moved to the UK and she misses them lots.

"Like me, Janice is a huge fan of "Scrubs" so I knew it would blow her away."

She said yes.

Back in April, Braff hit his $2 million target for the film after only five days, through fan donations. He took inspiration from Veronica Mars, which raised $5.7 million after appealing to fans to fund the movie on the website Kickstarter.

At the time he said: “After I saw how the amazing Veronica Mars fans rallied around that project in a mind-blowing way I couldn’t help but think, like so many others, that maybe this could be a new paradigm for filmmakers who want to make smaller personal films without having to sign away any of their artistic freedom.”

Fans who pledged money were offered everything from a weekly production diary for a $10 donation to screenings, t-shirts, premiere tickets and a personal video message from Braff himself - an offer which Mr Hulbert took him up on.