War Dogs trailer: The Hangover director pairs Jonah Hill and Miles Teller for arms dealer comedy

Don't expect much subtlety from this latest outing of director Todd Phillips, even though it's actually based on a true story

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If you were looking to cast a couple of Hollywood actors as arms dealers, Jonah Hill and Miles Teller probably wouldn't be top of the list. 

This is precisely why they're the right fit for War Dogs, a forthcoming action comedy film from Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover trilogy. 

Based on a Rolling Stone article by Guy Lawson, the film tells the true story of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz, a pair of twentysomething chancers from Miami who somehow ended up landing a $300 million government contract to supply weapons to US allies in Afghanistan.

As the trailer spells out, they were awarded the contract not because of their expertise, but because they "lowballed" the competition spectacularly. Lawson has since written an acclaimed book about the unlikely gun runners or "war dogs", which is titled Arms and the Dudes.

An added draw is Bradley Cooper, who appears in a supporting role and also serves as one of the film's producers. Look out for War Dogs in cinemas this August.