What if Nicolas Cage played every character in Game of Thrones?

All men must Cage

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The interpolation of Nicolas Cage into every conceivable area of pop culture is going to be up there with quantum theory in the most difficult things to explain the aliens when they eventually land.

Last month we saw Nic's face arranged in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence, and now someone has added his face to every character in Game of Thrones.

There's a whole Imgur album of them, but here are some of our favourites...

A very sombre Daenerys Targaryen

04 - spYh4MZ.jpg

An adorable Bran Stark

09 - J2sCLTF.jpg

Tyrion Lannister

02 - rOrsr5S.jpg

Ned Stark

01 - A3w73eh.jpg

An unsettling Jaime Lannister

06 - FETfvF3.jpg

The Hound

19 - bx2xg9w.jpg

Brienne of Tarth

18 - eotwds2.jpg

Arya Stark losing her sh*t

08 - uFLEmKn.jpg

Cersei Lannister

07 - fQBUbEU.jpg

Sansa Stark

05 - 21DTtdG.jpg

A perfectly executed Jon Snow

03 - YdT97kh.jpg


30 - 7oelF3O.png

A surprisingly uncanny Stannis Baratheon

12 - KflwjDn.png


25 - w7BjiHc.png

Samwell Tarly

24 - EV7j3ot.png

Lord 'Littlefinger' Baelish

16 - 8Uqsc1j.png

Tywin Lannister

15 - YND13G5.png

Joffrey Baratheon

14 - KK6vzuG.png

Margaery Tyrell

13 - 2euUi5N.png

Robb Stark

11 - j43h9Jn.png


17 - 8HJgWpu.png