Why I enjoyed slacking after Batman


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My method is simple; always follow the script. Is it good, do I like the part, and, if it's a big company, will they pay? In the case of City Slacker the first two answers were “yes”. The answer to the third was irrelevant. It was not a studio but a bunch of brave people with no money making a movie.

The character of Ray was appealing because he looked like a waster but turned out to be surprisingly decent. I liked his relationship with his daughter, played by Fiona Gillies. I made him Scottish, which the screnwriter loved.

I had just finished filming The Dark Knight Rises. Curiously, you seem to wait around the same amount no matter what size the budget – but the nosh on City Slacker was better due to someone on the crew having a chum who ran a Greek restaurant nearby.

The world premiere of 'City Slacker' is at Raindance Film Festival, Apollo Cinema, Piccadilly Circus, London SW1 (www.raindance.co.uk), 5 and 7 October