You can live in Mrs Doubtfire's house for a cool $4.5 million

The San Francisco property was used for the film's exterior shots back in 1993 - and has since become a tourist hot spot

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How much is a piece of cinematic history worth?

When it comes to the beloved San Francisco home which doubled as the residence of Mrs. Doubtfire, that comes in at a cool $4.45 million. 

The Victorian house, set in the city's enviable Pacific Heights area, was used for the film's exterior shots back in 1993; serving as the front of the home inhabited by Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams)'s ex-wife Miranda (Sally Field), where Daniel turns up as the disguised nanny Mrs. Doubtfire in an effort to win back his children's trust and become a better parent.

The 2640 Steiner Street address has since become something of a San Francisco tourist attraction, with the house becoming an impromptu memorial after Williams' death in 2014. The house made headlines in January of last year after a woman pleaded guilty to arson after setting the house ablaze; though the incident had nothing to do with the house's history, but marked a disagreement between a resident plastic surgeon and a former patient. 

Though the listing provides plenty of glamorous shots of the house's interior, all interior filming actually took place in a Bay Area warehouse that had been converted into a sound stage.