Pitt to produce and star in 'World War Z'

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The film rights to author Max Brooks' zombie book World War Z have been bought by Brad Pitt to be adapted for his production company Plan B, MTV reported. Pitt also plans to act in the film. The movie is planned for release during summer 2012.

The story chronicles a worldwide zombie war through accounts from survivors. The studio also optioned Brooks' books The Zombie Survival Guide and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks.

Pitt has appeared in Wes Craven horror films such as Tales From the Crypt. He's also portrayed a vampire in Interview With the Vampire and the role of Death in Meet Joe Black.

Marc Forster ( Quantum of Solace, The Kite Runner, Monsters Ball) is the director attached to the project. He is filming Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler.

Pitt is currently shooting Moneyball with Jonah Hill and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He will next be heard as Metro Man in Megamind with Will Ferrell and star in Terrance Malick's Tree of Life.