36 (15)

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The difference is that they don't play one cop and one crook. In 36, the stars are both cops - and they're both pretty crooked, too. It's Dirty Harry versus Even Dirtier Harry. The full French title is 36 Quai des Orfèvres, which is the address of the police headquarters in Paris. The top job at the CID is coming up, and as the two prime candidates are former friends, their longstanding rivalry explodes, flinging them even further from the rule book than usual. If it's all a little too neat and tidy at the end, 36 will still make a grimly thrilling night out for fans of cigarettes, leather coats and black Mercedes.

It's a treat, too, to have the chance at long last to settle the famous dispute: which man has the biggest, wonkiest nose in French cinema?