A Few Best Men (15)


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A hangover from The Hangover, this Australian wedding comedy badly wants to emulate the spirit of a feckless foursome fouling up.

In this case it's a quartet of British blokes arriving in New South Wales where one of their number (Xavier Samuel) is to marry the daughter (Laura Brent) of an arrogant career politician.

Cue a gross-out comedy of getting "wankered" on the stag night, of sheep molesting, of reckless cocaine snorting, of wedding speeches that keep surpassing one another in ineptitude.

Kris Marshall, once the squarest man in adverts, now acts the coarsest oaf on screen, while Olivia Newton-John screeches her way through the part of boozed-up mother-in-law.

The script by Dean Craig would be astonishing in its laugh-free awfulness had we not previous evidence of the same in his 2007 effort for Death at a Funeral. It's all so very charmless.