Alien Autopsy (12A)

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Santilli and Shoefield were the friends who faked some footage of a little green man being dissected in Roswell, a UFO crash site in New Mexico, in 1947. What was striking about the footage was how much it looked as if it was knocked up in 1995 by two blokes in North London, but Santilli and Shoefield sold it to TV companies around the world.

The first thing to say is that the presenters of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here shouldn't inspire too many "I'm A Film Critic Get Me Out Of Here" headlines. It's a shame that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost weren't cast instead, but Ant and Dec are OK, and if the film doesn't quite succeed, that's more the fault of its own identity crisis. There aren't enough jokes for it to be a comedy, there's not enough at stake for it to be a crime caper, and it's not plausible enough to work as an exposé: the shooting of the hoax footage, as depicted here, isn't much more believable than the notion that that's a genuine Martian being sliced open.

The best place for Alien Autopsy would be on ITV, sometime over Christmas, when its episodic structure and inadequate budget wouldn't matter. In short, it's back to the small screen for Ant and Dec.