All About Steve (12A)

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In which Sandra Bullock flails through another non-com of an awfulness she seems unerringly inclined to repeat.

This time she's a crossword compiler who still lives with her parents, allegedly because her apartment is under repair but more likely because she's mildly dysfunctional. Her signature gimmick is to wear scarlet kinky boots, and though the rest of her looks Hollywood-standard primped and coiffed her galumphing sexual come-on sends her blind date TV cameraman (played by Bradley Cooper) running for his life.

Failing to understand his cold feet, she pursues him across country, demonstrating her ability to bore people to a standstill with her "kooky" verbal diarrhoea – is she a latter-day Miss Bates or in fact a borderline Asperger's sufferer? There's no telling, but there's plenty of cringing as she stalks poor Cooper all the way to the scene of a school-trip TV news drama.

The pun of that title is the film's final disgrace.