Alpha and Omega (U)

Voices: Dennis Hopper, Danny Glover, Christina Ricci, Hayden Panettiere
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More cute 3D creatures, learning lessons in love and responsibility – this time they're wolves in the Canadian Rockies.

Rival pack leaders Tony (Hopper) and Winston (Glover) hope to settle their differences and unite Western and Eastern packs through the marriage of their offspring, Kate (Panettiere) and Garth (Chris Carmack.) Kate is unimpressed by Garth's inept howling, and nurses a secret crush on Humphrey (Justin Long) from the low-caste end of the pack. Human intervention with stun-darts sees Kate and Humphrey relocated to Idaho National Park, whence they must journey home to stop a lupine bloodbath. 3D downhill chases, freight trains, grizzly bears, romance and much howling at the moon move the story at a fine lick. The 8-12s will love it, but grown-ups may feel they've seen lots of it before (especially the caribou stampede, a shameless pinch from The Lion King.)