Also showing (28/10/2012): Room 237, Stitches and It Always Rains on Sunday


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Room 237 (102 mins, 15)

Was The Shining Stanley Kubrick's coded admission that he faked footage of the Apollo Moon landings? That's just one of the interpretations of the revered horror film offered by this diverting documentary (inset image), although it's less about The Shining than about the spell that some films can cast over their viewers.

Stitches (86 mins, 18)

Ross Noble makes his movie debut as an undead clown in a low-budget Irish horror-comedy. The gross-out murders are imaginatively gruesome. It's a shame that the rest of the film is so awful.

It Always Rains on Sunday (87 mins, PG)

A splendid, melodramatic slice of East End life, made in 1947 by Robert Hamer (Kind Hearts and Coronets). There's a thriller strand which reaches a pulse-pounding climax in a railway yard, but we also get to eavesdrop on the pubs, shops, and kitchens of Bethnal Green.