Also showing: Blackthorn, Mozart's Sister, The Gospel of Us and Edge


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Blackthorn (102 mins, 15)

Blackthorn imagines that Butch Cassidy wasn't gunned down in his prime, but lived as a rancher for 20 years after he and the Sundance Kid parted company. Sam Shepard plays him as a weather-beaten old-timer who is tempted out of retirement by a Spanish thief, Eduardo Noriega, below. A well-made, if ultimately pointless Western.


Mozart's Sister (120 mins, 12A)

A sort-of prequel to Amadeus, this French period drama proposes that

Mozart's older sister was nearly as gifted as he was, but was sidelined because of her gender. It's plodding stuff, made worse by the stilted performances of the two female leads, both of whom happen to be the director's daughters.


The Gospel of Us (120 mins)

Michael Sheen won rave reviews for the Passion Play he staged on the streets and in the shopping centres of Port Talbot last year but, based on Dave McKean's insufferably obscure screen version, it's hard to see why. The film turns the production into a cacophonous bad-acid trip.


Edge (93 mins)

Carol Morley writes and directs this dreary yet contrived indie drama set in a cliff-top hotel. Three pairs of strangers talk over their various crises in three adjacent rooms.