Also showing: Pitch Perfect, Grabbers, Boxing Day and Parental Guidance

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Pitch Perfect (112 mins, 12A)

Anna Kendrick and a scene-stealing Rebel Wilson star in this witty campus comedy about an all-female a capella singing group.

Grabbers (94 mins, 15)

Genial horror-comedy about an Irish island invaded by blood-sucking monsters, the under-used gimmick being that the aliens can't kill anyone who is blind drunk.

Boxing Day (91 mins, 15)

Bernard Rose (Ivans xtc) directs another of his zero-budget, improvised Tolstoy adaptations starring Danny Huston. This time, Huston is a reptilian property developer being driven around Colorado by a clueless chauffeur.

Parental Guidance (104 mins, U)

Billy Crystal and Bette Midler as traditional grandparents whose approach to childcare doesn't suit their PC daughter. Traces of timely observational comedy buried under a mountain of sentiment.