Also showing: The Oranges, So Undercover, I, Anna and Confession of a Child of the Century

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The Oranges (90 mins, 15)

In this perky, sub-American Beauty comedy drama, Hugh Laurie plays David, a suburban dad who has an affair with the daughter of his best friend, Oliver Platt. It's pleasant but bland, and oddly sexless, given the subject matter.

So Undercover (94 mins, 12A)

Miley Cyrus plays a detective who goes undercover in a sorority house. This vapid comedy didn't get a cinema release in America, for reasons that become all too clear when you're watching it.

I, Anna (91 mins, 15)

Confused, boring murder-mystery starring Charlotte Rampling, and directed, co-incidentally, by Rampling's son.

Confession of a Child of the Century (125 mins, 15)

Decadence has never been as dull as it is in this disastrous French costume drama, starring a sleepy Peter Doherty.