Also showing: Top Cat - The Movie, Death Watch and On The Sly

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Top Cat – The Movie (90 mins, U)

Who on earth decided to turn a 1960s cartoon about a fast-talking alley cat into a 3D animation in which a dictator rules New York with his army of robots? Avoid.

Death Watch (124 mins, 12A)

Bernard Tavernier's dystopian satire came out in 1979, so you have to credit its prescience, but it's dull, pretentious stuff. Harvey Keitel uses his microscopic eye-cameras to film a dying woman (Romy Schneider) for a reality TV show.

On The Sly (77 mins, U)

A French girl stays behind in her parents' country house when maman and papa drive back to Paris. As she forages in the woods, we hear her cloying thoughts (dubbed into English).