Aquamarine (PG)

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Aquamarine is a teen comedy about three friends, one of whom has scales. During a storm at a Florida beach resort, a tidal wave deposits a mermaid (Sara Paxton, right) in an outdoor swimming pool. Conveniently, she can already speak English, she's already wearing eye-liner, and her tail turns into a pair of legs when she gets out of the water. Just as conveniently, she's discovered by two younger girls who teach her the niceties of life on dry land, specifically, how to try on clothes in the mall, and how to eye up the dreamy lifeguard, who's usually seen topless and in slow-motion.

Other than that, the girls' main occupation is to tell each other that they're going to be, like, total best friends forever and ever, so be warned: the target audience of this perky, pastel tribute to Splash and The Little Mermaid is so narrow that some viewers will grow out of it while they're in the cinema. And no viewer who hasn't consumed a pound of sugar beforehand will squeal, giggle or shout "Omigod" as loudly as the characters.