Blitz (18)

Starring: Jason Statham, Paddy Considine
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This London cop thriller has managed to draw an illustrious cast, though you'll be baffled as to why.

Jason Statham leads the line as D S Brant, a glowering hardnut who could have walked out of The Sweeney – he has the snarl, the the sexist oafishness, and he can't work the computers. He's partnered with Paddy Considine's gay Detective Inspector ("pooftah", of course) in the hunt for a cop killer styling himself Blitz, and played by bare-chested Aiden Gillen as a cross between Joe Orton and Johnny Rotten. David Morrissey as a tabloid hack and Mark Rylance as a retiring cop lend a sheen of class to a story that's strong on location work, but faulty in suspense and notably gruesome in its violence.