Breakdown, film review: Craig Fairbrass is traumatised by past misdeeds

(15)​ Jonnie Malachi, 110 mins. Starring: Craig Fairbrass, Emmett J Scanlan, James Cosmo

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Craig Fairbrass, looking like an East London Liam Neeson, is the hitman traumatised by memories of past misdeeds in this creaky, low-budget exploitation thriller. "I've been having visions… bad f**king visions," mumbles Alfie (Fairbrass) early on. When he is not busy torturing or killing, Alfie is a devoted family man. He wants "out" of the criminal world.

The gangster patriarch Albert Chapman (James Cosmo in country squire mode), who loves him "like a son" and "respects" him "as a soldier", nonetheless warns him: "We're not running a playgroup here." Cue a desperate battle in which Alfie has to fight against his former gangster colleagues to protect his family.