Breakfast With Jonny Wilkinson (15) - film review


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This comedy may appeal to English rugby fans nostalgic for the World Cup winning feats of Jonny Wilkinson but is likely to leave most other viewers baffled. Chris England's script (adapted from his own play) has some witty lines and plays up the rivalry between the Aussies and the Poms in entertaining fashion but the plotting is feeble.

Dave (Norman Pace of Hale and Pace fame) is chairman of a small rugby club under threat from developers. A loud-mouthed Australian (Michael Beckley) is trying to oust him. Matters come to a head as a handful of devotees watch the World Cup Final in the clubhouse (at breakfast time in the UK). It's when characters begin pissing in each others' Fosters lager cans that you realise the film-makers have lost their way.

Simon Sprackling, 91 mins Starring: Norman Pace, George Mackay, Beth Cordingly