Chalet Girl (12A)

Starring: Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Bill Nighy
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It's snow joke when 19-year-old Kim (Felicity Jones) takes a holiday job at a posh chalet in the Austrian Alps, slaving for a super-rich family whose patriarch (Bill Nighy) can't even remember her name.

With the cooking and cleaning done, Kim goes out on the slopes and learns how to be an ace snowboarder, having chucked in her skateboard skills after the death of her mum in a road accident. It's a silly bit of fluff that goes even more steeply downhill when Nighy's heir apparent (Ed Westwick) takes a shine to the chalet girl and throws his wedding plans askew, but the picture stays just about upright thanks to the toothsome loveliness of Felicity Jones, who's 28 but looks about 15. Her fresh charm and pert line-readings brighten the routine comedy of pitfalls and pratfalls.