Cloud Nine (N/C)

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No film this year is less likely to get a Hollywood remake, but that would be to praise Andreas Dresen's drama of passionate love in old age.

The idea is almost taboo in modern cinema: two elderly people falling for one another and having full-on sex. And yet Cloud Nine feels tenderly truthful and moving. Inge (Ursula Werner) is a sixtyish woman happily married to Werner (Horst Rehberg), but through her part-time job as seamstress she meets Karl (Horst Westphal), a twinkly 76-year-old, and her life goes into a tailspin. Dresen directs an unflinching gaze at the physicality of this affair – the sagging flesh, the wrinkles – and makes us realise how seldom in film one sees, really sees, old people portrayed as having the same needs and impulses as everyone else. It will be easy to mock – too easy – yet Dresen's unpatronising focus upon a neglected generation almost contains the air of a radical experiment.