Culture Club: Arthur

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"What a waste of Helen Mirren. I hope they paid her loads to make it worthwhile."

Beryl Peril

"I'm sorry but you can't beat the original version. Arthur is a classic and just shouldn't be redone."

Sian Cusack

"Russell Brand had to fill some pretty big shoes. Dudley Moore was a legend in films, and especially in Arthur, but I feel that he pulled it off. Die-hard fans of the original will probably hate it, but it's been brought up to date for a whole new audience that relates to Brand. I am a fan of both, but each to their own."

Angela Bentley

"This shameless Russell Brand vehicle is the perfect recipe for acute embarrassment. You simply cannot recreate the charm of Dudley Moore, which was the only element that drove the original movie. His natural charisma was a rarity. Do not touch! Even Helen Mirren falls way short of the sardonic John Gielgud part. The entire cast and crew should be ashamed of themselves."

Christopher Blake

"The original was excellent, Dudley Moore played the part brilliantly. But now you have Russell Brand playing Russell Brand? Genius casting."

Dan Huckle

"I had tickets to the premiere last week at The O2. I have to say that the film is not as good as the original, although it's watchable enough and it does bring the whole thing up to date quite well. Russell Brand is amusing, but he's no actor. I don't think anyone's told him this yet though. Helen Mirren and Geraldine James bring some much needed decorum to proceedings."

Nigel Moyes

"Dudley Moore was extremely likable. Russell Brand is a creepy case, who can be funny, I grant you, but he is no actor."

Fook FM

"Corrupted nostalgia. Wrong recipe."

David Morawsky

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