Culture Club: Captain America: The First Avenger

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"Captain America: utter, utter, utter tosh."


"I am so over all these superhero films! There seems to be a new one released every week and you can barely tell them apart. Can studios spend some money on a few intelligent dramas, instead of all this gung-ho nonsense? Please?"

Anne Kennaway

"Thought it was a perfectly fine summer blockbuster. The first half is stronger, but towards the end it picks up again. It should have been a bit longer, as the middle bits need some more expansion. But I understand that Marvel wanted to wrap up the Captain's story, so they could inject him into The Avengers."

Barry Adams

"Captain America is the tale of a determined nerd who conquers the world. A James Murdoch, if you like. Without the phone hacking."

Colin Mehigan

"It's an escapist ACTION flick about a SUPERHERO called Captain AMERICA. Any clues there? You know what you're getting before you get your tickets. Take the plot and story with a pinch of salt – what's the point in philosophising or politicising? The question really should be, "Did you enjoy it for what it is?" Yes is my answer, and I'd recommend it to people who enjoy films. It's all good, humorous stuff."

Paul Fodz

"Best bit was the ending."

Calvin Spiralling Smith

"5 out of 10."

Joao Silva

"Chris Evans makes a great action hero in the lead role."

Tommy 2

"I love Marvel, but I think Cowboys & Aliens will be the best movie of the summer."

Rev. Rob


Ben French

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