Culture Club: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Readers review this week's big film
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"The Milky Bar Kid with a wand. Never seen the appeal. And the kids can't act."

Phil Thompson

"Absolute rubbish. I couldn't get out quick enough along with the rest of the audience."

Zac Wheeldon

"Actually, David Yates created the problems. He didn't inherit them. The films tracked pretty close to the books up until he took over the helm. He left so much out of the fifth movie, that he's had to play catch up in later movies."


"Rubbish is it? Well, the previous two were rubbish, too... The first books were relatively short – 250-300 pages – and could be sensitively turned into a script. The later books, all three times longer, were disasters waiting to happen. If they had been done properly (Lord of the Rings-style) then they could have become classics."


"A bit of a disappointment..."

Cheryl Guerriero

"It wasn't as dark as I thought it should be, but they probably had film ratings in mind. The scenes in the Ministry should be like Nazi Germany, not full of Ron jokes."

Michael Murray

"I don't think Daniel Radcliffe is a good actor at all!"

Patricia Mertens

"My kids loved it... it started well, then as usual with a Harry Potter film, it bored me senseless..."

Chris Waddell

"A long, winding tale. The Triumph motorcycle with sidecar was sweet. The rest... well... longish."

Nigel Nicholson

"I'm fed up of hearing about the ghastly little wizard and all of his cronies."

Nicola-Jane Wiseman

"Enjoyed it. Two and a half hours well spent, from where I was sitting."

Helen O'Neill

"Proud to be British."

Pat Mcfrancis

"It was boring! The best of Harry Potter was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, of course directed by a Mexican guy."

Lxchel Ríos

"The film is good. The performances are as good as you can expect them to be from 20-year-old actors."

Linda Hanakova

"On reading the very end of the Harry Potter series it suddenly struck me that it is based on the resurrection of Christ, with Dumbledore being God the Father and Harry Potter as Jesus Christ, who saves the world. Harry gets killed (sacrificed) and goes to Purgatory/Limbo – only it is called the Waiting Room at King's Cross Station, where Harry meets Dumbledore who sends him back into the world to battle Voldemort/Satan. Harry is resurrected and the world is saved. I wonder how many others will spot that! Rowling is so clever."


"I liked the second one best. The Chamber of Secrets was charming and pacey. The rest I'd put in a skip."

Richard Lawrence

"The Harry Potter films stopped being about childrens' entertainment ages ago. What they are now is anyone's guess."


"You can't even say the first film was better – it wasn't."


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