Culture Club: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Readers review this week's film
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"Eclipse was amazing. The film was full of action and romance, and it managed to strike the right balance between the two. Jacob had some hilarious lines. There's a lot of Team Edward versus Team Jacob going on. My personal favourite is team Edward but it was very funny watching a row of girls in front of me cheering every time Jacob came on. I think the film was a little bit better than the original book because it really brought Stephenie Meyer's plot and storyline to life. The problem is that now I just can't wait for Breaking Dawn!"

Saskia Thorold

"Have never understood how the vampire girls put on their makeup if they are unable to see their reflection in a mirror?"

Andrew Risner

"It's filled with action, excitement and danger all the way through. We finally get to see the kiss scene between Jacob and Bella. It has a different adaptation from the book but nevertheless, we are still drawn to the cinemas. I can't wait until Breaking Dawn hits the screens!"

Gemma Barton

"It's popular because it stars Taylor Lautner's torso and face. That seems to me to be the most acceptable excuse for going to see it."

Brian Uprichard

"I did wonder whether or not I would be at a loss through missing the first two parts of this trilogy but I think not. A good film stands by itself, a one-off. It turns out that there was no need for parts one and two, or even this third instalment, for that matter."

Geoff Greenwood

"I can't for the life of me see why these films are so popular?"

Marilyn Hamilton

"It's only popular because vampire romances are currently very hip among crowds of teenage girls. Isn't that obvious?"

Radomir Doomsayer Balint

"Awful movie, indeed, but you do have to admit that Robert Pattinson is hot."

Roxana Luca

"After seeing the last two films, I wouldn't waste the money... Anyway, save the dosh for Toy Story 3! I can't wait."

Ewmon Hickey

"I watched the first 15 minutes of this when flying back from Canada and switched it off as it seemed to have no storyline at all. Boring was not the word..."

Julien FitzGerald

"An improvement on the previous Twilight films but overall not particularly worth watching. The scenes are predictable and the actors are fairly bland. There are a few moments of humour... The effects are good but do not add to the overall film."

Serian Evans


Alex Philpott

"In my opinion the film Eclipse develops the other family members a lot more and shows the awkwardness of the love triangle. It's a must-watch for all fans... My only criticism is that everything appeared to be visually perfect."

Martin Hesel

"I am going to patent a new power source by harnessing the energy generated by Bram Stoker spinning in his grave... Vampires and werewolves, possibly the first monsters of popular horror, now made cute and fluffy."

Nick Haywood

"OMG, Robert Pattinson is so gorgeous. I wish I could kiss him."

Carly Cornwall

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