Culture Club: Toy Story 3 (U)

Readers review this week's film
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"My family and I saw it in the US when it opened. For a parent of a child heading off to university, it's very poignant. I sobbed for most of the film. Much as I did during Up."

Stephanie Talley Campbell

"It was a lightweight, fun movie. I thought the total closedown of Andy's home just because he graduated was silly. The toys have really developed individual characters which were well played out. It also looked as though Disney had set up new ways to merchandise more toys in its Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks. I am sure the Christmas Parade will include some of the new characters."

Vikky Pickett

"I thought Toy Story 3 was absolutely fabulous. Loved the two love stories between Barbie and Ken and Buzz and Jessie! The new characters brought a new spark to the classic movies... Plus, the grown-up Andy was rather good looking and Bonnie was very cute! Thank you, Pixar. You officially beat Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to the place of No 1 movie!"

Ellie Sedgwick

"I hate that I've been told the ending about 73 times."

Blackie Chan

"My 16 year old saw it and came home and told me he loved it. He told me he cried. I went the next day. I cried. My son had all his toys once and then we moved and we can't find them. The story really hit home for us, because my son would play with them as if they were real. There is a part in the movie that even my husband cried in... "

Carmen Ulibarri Hutchinson

"Simply put it's one of the greatest threequels of all time ... It's a relief that the finished film is every bit as witty, charming and emotional as the first two. It introduces some delightful new faces, whilst still giving each and every toy its own time in the spotlight Be sure to bring along a lot of tissues and get ready with the 'something in my eye' excuses. For come the end, anybody with an ounce of soul inside them is sure to be blubbing away like a child... Easily one of the best films of the year. "

Nick Turk

"It is all propaganda used to enforce stereotypes – particularly female ones – that no longer exist in British society. Nor, I suspect, in American society. Why do we still feed our children this rubbish? No wonder they grow up messed up in the head. Why can't we tell the truth about life? Is it really that awful? Because if it is, you should do something about it. Try taking your kids out to the mountains camping. Of course you will hate it but THEY will love it. Start early. The television is not a babysitter. So what if they complain. Who is in charge, anyway, of YOUR children? It should be you."

Jack Cajones Jacksie

"It appears that American adults nowadays cannot distinguish between children's movies and those meant for an adult audience. Because I am an adult with no children, I actually watch adult movies. What a concept."

Cliff Mcsparen

"It was so moving... Some years ago, I took my then little children to see the early Toy Story movies, and now I went with my teenaged children, who are about to start college... I cried! The time goes by so fast."

Mrth Rmz

"The 3D version is all I can find to make this a worthy kids' jaunt. The toys can't seem to 'move on' past the fact that they were donated to a rambunctious toddler day care."

Gilberte O'Sullivan

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