Culture Club: X-Men: First Class (12A)

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"There are too many superhero/comic-book movies."


"A few continuity errors, but loved it none the less."

Sy Mcilwaine

"Personally, I thought this was the best of the X-Men movies, both in terms of action appeal and on the strength of the acting. Those people I have read dismissing the movie have done so because the characters are comic-book characters. But this is a comic-book movie, so the characters should be evaluated on how well they fulfill their role within the genre as a primary criterion for their success – and not on how well the character would fit into Hamlet or Pride and Prejudice."

Michael Thigpen

"I've seen it. It's so boring."

Hamza Kachkoura

"An enjoyable adventure with polished performances from Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. January Jones does a great Betty Draper throughout!"

Colin Mehigan

"The problem nowadays is that Hollywood has run out of fresh ideas and keeps using the old ones to make more money at the loss of entertainment... Don't you think that sometimes they insult our intelligence by providing us with stupid and idiotic concepts?"

Tsakiri Stella

"First and foremost, good to see Bryan Singer back on the film crew. He has the ability to give characters their own story and bring them to life, which was lacking in X-Men 3: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This time around, a tight plot with excellent special effects constituted an X-Men prequel which exceeded expectations. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were brilliant, capturing the emotions of the characters. Above all, it leaves me wanting more. Well done!"

Hoe Jia Wei

"Entertaining. Glad they didn't choose to spoil it with 3D."

Mark Brown

"Profoundly enjoyed it – a lot more than I thought I was going to. Many continuity errors (no Cyclops; Banshee is a second generation X-Man and not an original; Havoc being Cyclops's younger sibling, when Cyclops was Xavier's first pupil; Angel being a woman and joining Magneto) but it seems that Marvel are taking the route of mixing the original universes with bits from the Ultimate Universe."

Andrew BloodDrunk Scarlett

"As prequels go, it was enjoyable, if you're a fan of the comic-book genre. James McAvoy overcame my doubts and is believable as Xavier, despite obvious physical disparities between him and Patrick Stewart. Worth seeing if you've seen the rest. Despite the swearing, the Hugh Jackman moment made us laugh the most!"

Tamsine Lee

"OK, good performances, but it lacked tension – you kind of knew how it would end up."

David Barlow

"It exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations"

Richard Taylor

"Mmm... it was OK. Hasn't excised the horror of Wolverine though."

John Michael

"Great film; I thought the backstory was good and loved how it explained Professor X's paralysis and how it tied in with the Cuban Missile Crisis!"

Darren Smith

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