DVD: Heartbreaker (15)

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After being sacked for conducting Jewish musicians in defiance of the Communist regime, Andrei Filipov winds up, 30 years later, working as a lowly cleaner for the Bolshoi Orchestra.

Romain Duris plays Alex, a professional heartbreaker who splits women from unsuitable boyfriends. Hired to do an apparently impossible job – splitting Vanessa Paradis from Andrew Lincoln – Alex, of course, finds himself falling in love for real. This French romantic comedy is a deeply strange film, echoing To Catch a Thief one minute (good) and Ocean's Twelve the next (not good). Expect Serbian gangsters, Monaco cliffscapes bathed in sunshine, lots of dirty dancing and Lincoln's barely sketched character. Almost despite itself, Heartbreaker is oddly likeable and Duris skewers an intense image earned in Dans Paris and The Beat My Heart Skipped with considerable glee.