DVD: Just Another Love Story (18)

Ole Bornedal (99 mins)
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Jonas (Anders W Berthelsen) is stuck in a mid-life crisis; bored with the monotonous dinner parties, the claustrophobia of Denmark and the pressures of his home life.

He escapes from his humdrum existence as a crime-scene photographer first through his dream of working for National Geographic, and then by his obsession with a mysterious woman recovering from a coma. Jonas becomes embroiled in her life and as she starts to remember her past, he realises it is darker than he could have imagined. It is a film noir-style thriller told through the eyes of a lead who is a hopeless romantic, and fatally weak. It’s black comedy tempered with unflinching violence and visual flair. The resolution is jarring but writer-director Ole Bornedal has created a thrilling tale.