DVD: Married Life (PG)

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Harry Allen (Chris Cooper), a middle-aged businessman, is having an affair with the beautiful young widow Kay (Rachel McAdams), but decides he can't leave his wife because of the unhappiness it would cause her.

Instead, he decides that the kindest thing to do is kill her. Yet he has reckoned without his best friend, playboy Richard Langley (Pierce Brosnan), who also has his eye on Kay. Set at the end of the 1940s, the film looks wonderful and has some nice performances, especially from Cooper and Patricia Clarkson playing his wife. McAdams also acquits herself admirably, but Brosnan's under-written character never really convinces. None the less, with enough twists about it to keep you going and a script that at times is darkly comic, Married Life is an intriguing and unusual study of marriage gone wrong.