DVD: Red Riding Hood (12)

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Following her success with the first instalment of The Twilight Saga, the director Catherine Hardwicke has given the old fairy tale a modern makeover, casting the doe-eyed Amanda Seyfried (last seen singing her socks off in Mamma Mia!) as the hooded Valerie, and roping in Julie Christie for support as her grandmother.

Unfortunately, not much more is achieved than that: the story may have been given a fresh new look, but it most certainly hasn't translated into a good film.

In true Twilight style, the wolf is refigured as a werewolf, and Valerie is bestowed with special wolf-whispering powers. Predictably, our heroine finds herself attracted to the beast, despite his terrorising of her town. The plot departs entirely from its bedtime-story origins, assuming complicated (and confusing) twists and turns. Toothless.