DVD review: Inglorious Bastards (15) Enzo G Castellari, Gianfranco Bergamini (95 mins)

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It might have a similar title but the parallels between this 1978 cultish classic and Quentin Tarantino’s forthcoming “WW2 spaghetti western” end there; beyond that what the two do have is a mutual love of 1970s grindhouse budget filmmaking spliced with kitsch spectacle.

The plot, what there is of it, sees Bo Svenson and Fred “The Hammer” Williams lead a gang of American military ne’er-do-wells on a suicide mission behind Nazi lines; the incongruous bathing of naked, machine- gun-toting mädchen is also thrust upon us. Extras include a tidy “making-of”, locations, soundtrack, and an lively confab between Tarantino and director Enzo Castellari.