DVD review: Lesbian Vampire Killers (15), Phil Claydon, 82 mins

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This film's publicists perhaps wisely decided it was so awful they were not going to send out review copies.

(Un)luckily, I caught it at the cinema, and it warrants inclusion only because it grandstands the more cynical side of James Corden's populist personality – a man heralded as the new Eric Morecambe one minute, but putting out this flimsy excuse for a comic endeavour the next. The plot does what it splashes lasciviously across the box – Corden and Mathew Horne come across (oo-er) vampiric page-three girls who say "Ja" a lot and puff out their chests during a predictable, unfunny jaunt across the countryside; Paul McGann provides the best moments as a foul-mouthed priest.