DVD: The Simpsons: Season 12 (12)

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A mere nine years after it was first shown on TV, Series 12 of The Simpsons arrives on DVD.

Whether this is big news or not slightly depends on whether you feel the need to own a complete edition of a show that is almost never off the air and has so little interest in anything like a multi-episode plot arc that even the term series feels like a bit of a misnomer. If, given those conditions, you still need it in your library, I'm happy to report that there is nothing wrong with this edition, which comes laden with extras and features a decent wodge of 21 episodes for your money. As to the actual show – well, it's so comforting that reviewing it would be like reviewing your cat, if your cat was very, very funny, albeit marginally less brilliant than it was in its pomp. Look out in particular for Comic Book Guy's turn in the inaccurately named "Worst Episode Ever".