DVD: While The City Sleeps (PG)

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This was released into cinemas at the same time as Sex and the City 2. While the latter was crucified by critics, the former was met with a so-so reception.

On behalf of women everywhere, let me say this: what an injustice. Sex and the City 2 was awful – but so is HTTM, which has so little to recommend it, you spend the entire time wondering why John Cusack chose it. Was it the 1980s flashbacks? Anyway, the plotline is self explanatory: a bunch of ageing guys head off for a ski break, hit the hot tub and – hey presto – wind up in the 1980s. And guess what? When they were young, life was more fun. Cue excessive toilet humour and unimaginative sex scenes. Best used as a screensaver.