False Trail (15)


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If it didn't have such a boring title, this Scandinavian crime thriller could clean up with audiences left in a void by the final series of The Killing.

It stalks some familiar territory: a girl is found brutally slain in a forest, and the finger of suspicion roves pointedly around the local hunting community.

Rolf Lassgard (star of Wallander) plays Erik, a world-weary Stockholm detective dispatched to the rural backwater where he grew up. Here he makes contact with local policeman Torsten (Peter Stormare) who's determined to get the town psycho charged for the murder.

Torsten also happens to be stepfather to Erik's teenage nephew, a connection that brings tragic memories welling to the surface. Even if you see where the convoluted plot is heading, it makes for a gripping ride thanks to Kjell Sundvall's taut direction and atmospheric location work: on the right day few places look lonelier than a forest in Sweden.