Film review: Reincarnated (18)


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Can you teach an old Dogg new tricks?

Calvin Broadus, aka rap star Snoop Dogg, is certainly willing to learn, as this documentary portrait reveals. Now in his forties, he's fed up with the rap scene that made him famous ("I know Obama wanted me to come to the White House, but what can I perform?") and takes a month's sabbatical in Kingston, Jamaica, to cleanse his soul and record a reggae album.

Oh, and to smoke weed – lots of weed.

His natural amiability gets him in with local royalty such as Damian Marley and Bunny Wailer, who rechristens him "Snoop Lion", yet the star's producer status on Reincarnated ensures that he never really answers for his past infamies, eg. his life as a pimp, or his interest in guns.

Even if his love of Rastafari and his renunciation of violence are sincere, the film never looks more than a vanity project and a promo for the new album.

Afloat on a permanent cloud of ganja, feted by the Kingston populace, this Dogg looks more like the cat who got the cream.