Film review: Side by Side (15)


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Or, The Way We Film Now. This informative documentary hosts a debate on the new possibilities of digital technology against the old-fashioned virtues of photochemical film.

Director Chris Kenneally asks the question – is digital poised to outmode celluloid as the accepted medium? – and gets answers from some of the industry's heavyweights, not just the directors (Lynch, Cameron, Scorsese) but actors and cinematographers, whose art is under threat.

Keanu Reeves conducts the interviews with pleasing geniality and gets some unexpected titbits of interest, for instance: Danny Boyle might never have been converted to digital had he not seen Thomas Vinterberg's Dogme classic Festen.

The democratisation of digital means that just about anyone can go and make a movie nowadays – but is this a good thing? This film is out with the jury on that one.