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Five best films out now


Amour (12A)

The second Michael Haneke film in a row to win the Palme d'Or is a tightly focused chamber piece about love, yes, but mostly death; a devastating but humane memento mori.

Rust and Bone (15)

Jacques Audiard's first film since A Prophet is a sensuous but unsentimental love story between a whale trainer and a bare-knuckle fighter. Marion Cotillard (above) stars.

The Master (15)

Sadly, Paul Thomas Anderson's film is not a takedown of L Ron Hubbard or critique of Scientology, but it is a hyperreal and compelling account of cult worship and human psychology, all the same.

Sightseers (15)

Ben Wheatley's hilarious black comedy about a caravanning holiday-cum-killing spree pays homage to Mike Leigh's 1967 Play for Today, Nuts in May.

The Hunt (15)

Thomas Vinterberg's new film (left) – a riposte to his own earlier work Festen – is a sombre but timely and utterly gripping near-Kafkaesque drama about the mechanics of a modern-day witch hunt.