Garbage Warrior (15)

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A documentary portrait of maverick architect Michael Reynolds who, with his trusty crew of house builders, has pioneered an approach to "radically sustainable living" on the outskirts of Taos, New Mexico. Conventional architecture, he says, "had nothing to do with the planet – barely had anything to do with people", so he set out to build houses from tin cans, plastic bottles and used tyres. Some of them are still standing.

Inevitably, he ran into trouble with the local planning authorities, and for a while had his building licences confiscated, but this is plainly not a man to be cowed by bureaucracy. Oliver Hodge's film is properly affectionate as well as being instructive, and even reaches towards the heroic in its chronicle of Reynolds' aid work following the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Part-Womble, part-eco visionary, the man is a one-off, and wholly cherishable.