Ivul (15)

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The fourth movie from the Kent-born Andrew Kotting is set in the French Pyrenees, and watches a family blow apart.

When the Russian patriarch Andrei (Jean-Luc Bideau) discovers his son Alex and daughter Freya canoodling, he orders Alex off his land. The son retaliates, a tad literal-mindedly, by climbing on to the roof and vowing never to come down to earth again. Meanwhile, Andrei grows catatonic and mother hits the bottle. The seductive sister Freya (Adélaïde Leroux) delivers a fine, furious speech before everything ends in an immolatory blaze.

The promising set-up is fatally invaded by pretentious footage of skaters and children walking on flowerpots, it's impossible to root for the sulking tree-dweller, and the discords on the soundtrack are enough to make your ears bleed.