Just Another Love Story

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The lure of a new life kickstarts this gripping Danish noir-romance.

Jonas (Anders W Bertelsen) is a police crime-scene photographer who's happily married with two young children. Then a car accident inadvertently throws him into the path of the injured driver, a young woman named Julia (Rebecka Hemse), who's fleeing her troubled and violent lover, Sebastian, back in Hanoi. Without meaning to, Jonas takes on the boyfriend's identity, and, with Julia's memory wiped following her accident, becomes her knight in shining armour. The director Ole Bornedal handles this monumental act of duplicity with a Hitchcockian relish, and just when the plot seems to have gone quiet he pulls another fiendish surprise to juice it up again. Bertelsen has the right look for the part – handsome, but shifty – and at times you can almost feel the panic vibrating from him. Rebecka Hemse is a Scandinavian Ali McGraw, which is no shame.