Just Go With It (12A)

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler
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This is a re-tread of Cactus Flower, the 1969 comedy in which Walter Matthau played a dentist who pretends to be married in order to escape "commitment issues" with his girlfriends.

It was a good movie, bright and funny. In the simian clutches of Adam Sandler and Dennis Dugan (their sixth collaboration), it becomes a witless farrago of poo jokes, misjudged physical comedy and un-cute children. Sandler is a plastic surgeon, his love object is a maths teacher (bosomy newcomer Brooklyn Decker), and the dowdy assistant who blossoms as his fake "wife" is played by Jennifer Aniston. She deploys her plucky grin and cheery optimism to good effect (when she appears in a bikini, the camera slows down to ogle her body – you can almost hear Dugan shouting, "My, my – don't she look good for 41?") but neither she or Nicole Kidman can save this abysmal dreck. Connoisseurs of imbecility will like Nick Swardson, who plays Sandler's cousin Eddie. With his hysterical gurning, he runs Sandler a close second as Most Slappable Comic Actor in America.