Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D (U)

Starring: Justin Bieber
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There are two extraordinary aspects to the rise of Canadian pop sensation Bieber. The first is that he was discovered on YouTube and created a fanbase from scratch via the internet.

The second is that he achieved domination – a sold-out 86-night US tour climaxing at Madison Square Gardens – by the age of 16. Biebermania has succeeded Beatlemania – and there were four of them. The boy himself is quite endearing with his cool hair flick, purple hoodie and multi-instrumental talent (he was a drum prodigy before he took to singing), and this pretty standard "journey" doc catches some nice moments, including his brief hello to a young girl violinist whom he finds busking in exactly the spot he occupied years before. We meet the family – a mum who looks no more than about 30 herself, an absent dad with trashy manners – and a back-up team who frequently invoke the Lord Jesus. If his music weren't so bland this kid could be a genius. Not that his tearfully adoring fans seem to mind. Says one girl, "I wanna marry him. We shall be husband and wife." Funny, and slightly scary.